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princeburrito: Pardon me, but are you going to Dapper Day on September 12th?

All signs point to.. Yes.

hedgehogsandflamingos: Your so fucking gorgeous. Its sickening. I literally need medication to handle ur gorgeousness. Ugh...a pox on u.

Hahah thanks, I think? I’ve never been pox’d before…. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹β€οΈ

sarahsgrotto: All of your outfits are incredible, and i'm in love with the same kind of style. Do you sew most of your clothes? I tend to only find styles like that in pattern books so I picked up sewing to make most of my dresses ect.

I am a really big fan of buying things from the thrift store and ‘re-inventing’ them.. If I find a great print or something with ‘good bones’. Sometimes making things from scratch can really add up, but I have bought a few vintage inspired patterns lately that I’m looking forward to playing around with. Circle skirts are an easy DIY, and my strapless tops since those don’t really need a pattern.

I’m rambling now, but my sewing skills aren’t exactly professional but I can get easy fixes done. So, if you’ve got the skills, go for it girl πŸ’‹

three-twentie: You and your outfits are too cute! Would love to hang out at Disney with you ☺️

Thank you! Disneyland days are the best days, maybe I’ll run into you one day xo